A fun mashup of rhythm game and SHMUP


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RIDE ZERO is an original mashup of an arcade style SHMUP and rhythm game, where you play a young warrior who has to face off against tons of enemies. Plus, as you advance in the story, you can unlock new characters.

The controls in RIDE ZERO are relatively simple: as enemy bullets approach your position, you have to tap on the screen. If you time it correctly, the main character will hit them back and destroy the enemy. But of course, there's never just one attack at a time. Usually you have to repel attacks constantly, some continuous and some that require better timing. All of them, however, follow the rhythm of the music.

Each of the more than fifty levels in the game feature a song (in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or English). That song serves as the metronome for enemy attacks, so when the song is slower, there are fewer attacks; and when the tempo picks up, there will be enemies everywhere.

RIDE ZERO is a fun and original game which succeeds in combining the two seemingly unrelated genres of SHMUP and rhythm game. On top of that, it has great anime style graphics that are sure to impress.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher